Green Shoot Marketing

Welcome to Green Shoot Marketing,

For those that are our friends and clients, as well as those revisiting this site, you no doubt are noticing a difference 🙂

More specifically, you could be thinking: “What the @%#*?&^? happened to the website?

The answer is that times change and so has the objective of Green Shoot Marketing.

We have decided not to seek new clients other than those representing needed product & services in green and holistic health related industries.

This sharper focus, is based upon my core passion(s) dating back to childhood.

Simply stated, we’re here to empower those interested in green, especially those growing for health, economic, preparedness and sustainable reasons.

The overall goal will be to provide an abundance of selected resources that anyone regardless of their knowledge, experience or skill level can be put to use as simply and economically as possible.

We want to be a “growing” part of the urban agriculture movement and the reuse and better use of materials and systems to create a healthy, happy, sustainable life.

Visit for more details on how a home can better serve it’s owners and how professionals can get a return helping us in our 501c3 effort.

Green Shoot Marketing’s is not about selling something or converting anyone for profit or other reason.  Nor is it about competing with anyone or anything just for ego or gain.

This is about providing our services with like-minded people, combining and optimizing resources, with the goal to insure a better common future.

So if you’re doing something in the green space and need a little marketing help +/or discuss getting some qualified leads from time to time, I’m happy to chat a bit about it.

In closing, I really don’t have much confidence left in our government looking out for anyone’s best interests but their own so we all better get to work getting our healthy, sustainable lives together NOW !

If I/we can help you in the process, please let us know.

Thanks for your interest and I hope to see you in our growing future,



Gary Nichols